Prior Authorization for Select Foot

Surgery-UnitedHealthcare Commercial

Effective Jan 01, 2019, All Savers members on

policies 908867 and 908868 and Oxford Individual members on policy 908410 will require prior authorization for select ...



Duplicate Claim Submission Reminder

National Government Services has an important reminder regarding duplicate

claim submissions. Services that have been processed for payment or denial

should not be refiled as a new claim to correct submissions errors...

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Reminder for Your Patients in UnitedHealthcare Oxford Commercial Plans

If you have patients who employers are renewing their health coverage with a United-Healthcare Oxford commercial plan, you’ll see some differences in their new member identification (ID) card thar we want to remind you about...



Emblem Health-GHI Plans-Modifier 25 with Evaluation and Management Services Reported with Procedures

Modifier 25 is used to define a substantial, separately identifiable evaluation and management (E/M) service that was performed at the same time as a procedure...



Medicare Will Likely Face Pushback on Physician Pay Changes

Federal officials will likely encounter some resistance to a proposed overhaul of

Medicare's payment for evaluation and management (E/M) services, which could

raise this reimbursement for some specialties while lowering it for others...

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